Monday, September 8, 2008

We Have Our Winners!!

These are the winners of the Book Drawing. Big Brother wanted to help.

Congratulations to 4FunBoys, Rachael (who posted on another thread), Heather Pride and Micaela!! I can't wait to do another giveaway!!

(I realize the first draw looked kind of planned. Big Brother drew 4FunBoys then my camera batteries died. I put new batteries in, but lost the video. But we had already drawn 4FunBoys and I didn't think it was fair to disqualify her because of MY camera malfunction. So he just set that name on top and pulled it out of the bowl again for the video. But she really was the first one drawn in a fair draw just 2 seconds prior to the video starting. Did I really need to explain this? I just don't want anyone thinking I'm running some kind of racket here. I don't need no Uncle Guido comin' after me over a Precious Girl's Club book! Ya know what I'm sayin'? )


Kristi said...

Boy...I am glad that I read your explanation about the drawing. It did look a little "iffy". I was getting ready to send over Uncle Vinnie to take care of it. :)

4funboys said...


now I can't ever say I "never win"!!

Thank you, thank you!!! I'm SOOO excited!!

ps... I actually collect precious moments!!!

Queen of Chaos said...

Congrats on the winner!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your frog paper!!! Love it! It's goes perfect with your BoyMom theme...don't EVER change it! haha

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