Sunday, May 18, 2008

101 Degrees and I'm gettin' mean!

It was 101 degrees outside today. I have officially begun my summer depression. I walked out to the car, opened the door and felt the heat on my face like a blast furnace. I tried not to start crying, sucked it up and got in the car. The car has black interior. We live in Phoenix. I did not choose the car, that's a story for antoher day. I will tell you my husband chose it. I don't think he thinks about things like burning your hands on a lava-hot steering wheel. He also doesn't think about things like interior colors. He was trying to do something nice, so I have to try to get over it...but days like this make it hard. Normally, this wouldn't be too big of an issue, because I usually park in the garage. But my hubby has a project in the garage which is going to require several large men to remove. Of course all of the large men we know are really busy, not to mention none of them live close to I have to park in the driveway, in the heat. The kids are on my side, they have to sit in the solar oven with me. Maybe we'll take advantage of the situation and try to bake some bread in there...It's seriously that hot! And, bonus!! The car would smell great and I wouldn't look so stupid driving around with oven mitts on my hands!! White or Honey Wheat?


Patricia said...

noooooooooo waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!
oh my guns&roses!
Hermana Tanner!!!! que alegría!
I can see you are just the SAME awsome, fun and gorgeous woman.
I'm so glad you found me!I'll be one of your fans for now on, be sure of that.
I still have some fond memories about guns&roses in dirty hoses (I keep the paper!) and that time you made this comedy show about peeing in public restrooms. Oh my!
I´m afraid you found my blog in one of my "serious mode" days, but I try to keep about the same airhead as usual.
Te quiero un montón, y me alegro muchísimo de volver a estar en contacto contigo you fetching woman.

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