Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We're feeling a little sheepish...

Little Man has been studying farm animals now for a while at school. First he did butterflies, then plants, now animals. He has to make a farm animal out of crafty things, so he chose a sheep. We have been gluing cotton balls to a water bottle all week. Little Man thinks it would be cool if sheep pooped cotton balls. Yep, that's what he said. I could take that thought and run with it, but I'm sure you all have funny little visions of your own now about cotton poops, so we'll just move on.
Certainly makes the phrase "I'll be dipped in sheep s(poop)t" less scary though, doesn't it?'s the sheep without a face or ears:

And here is the finished product, which went to school today.

It was Little Man's idea to put the bells on, he thought that would be cute. He named the sheep Jingles. I am going to finish picking the glued cotton strands off of the table and the clogged glue bottle now.

Are you tired already of reading about my family yet? You can tell the truth, I won't be offended. I really want this blog to be an interesting place to visit, so you all don't feel like you are wasting your time when you stop by. I will try to add variety to the's all new to me and I am still trying to flesh it out! In the meantime...thanks for dropping in.


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