Friday, May 9, 2008

My Husband's Keeper?

My husband is getting ready to take the boys on a Father and Sons camping trip. By getting ready, I mean he is getting the oil changed in his truck and the tires rotated. I am the one who is getting all the camping gear out and getting everyone's clothes ready and packed and making sure they have the snacks and food they will need. I am not going camping with them. I expect my husband to come home and talk about how much work it is to get ready to go camping as he throws everything I've prepared in the back of the truck. Then he will probably ask me to call someone for directions to the campsite...even though I am not the one who will be driving... because I am not going camping with them! I know, I KNOW!! I set it up this way 10 years ago when we got married, 'cause I thought I was "taking care of my man." Now he has become somewhat helpless and I only have myself (and sometimes my mother-in-law... she doesn't have a computer - she can't read this!) to blame.

I think while he's gone I'm gonna volunteer him to go help at my Kindergartener's Farm Day Fair. He can hang out in the 98 degree Phoenix sun all day and help the kids with the petting zoo. Yeah...I'm like that.


Rachel said...

I hear ya sista!!! I go through the same mess to get Andy and the boys out the door! So not fair. Then when they get home I am the one to clean everything out and get it put away!!! So not fair!

amyrene said...

Haha, Im telling your mother-in-law since I know her VERY well!lol j/k! I know that the men in the family always need full time moms!(wait dont all men?)

Love Your Guts YOur,

I am Boymom, mom of 2 boys. said...

Oh, dang! I forgot about you and your bad internet self!! Anywhoo...make sure you teach yer boys to be more self-sufficient so we don't pass on the helpless man mentality!! I am working on it with my punks too!! We are breaking the cycle!

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