Saturday, May 24, 2008


My mother, sister and 2 of her kids came over today. Boy Cousin (on the left in the pic) is 6 weeks younger than my oldest son, Big Brother (right in the pic). They have been pretty close to each other as they have grown up. They always love to see each other and for the most part, they have a great time playing. There are issues though. Cousin is very physically active and pretty good at anything that requires the use of his body. My son, Big Brother, is a techie. He's great at computers and PS2, not so great at physical activity. Every once in awhile this causes an issue. Like today. As soon as he arrived, Cousin jumped out of the Explorer and quickly joined the group of neighborhood boys who congregate in front of my house. They were all jumping over dirt ramps in the desert next to our house. (Note: very physical activity.) Big Brother is kind of afraid to jump, so he works on the ramps. Everyone played well for awhile, then it happened. Big Brother (who is very emotional, by the way) came in upset because all the boys were playing with Cousin and wouldn't play something different and they were being mean to Big Brother and "stealing his thunder." (Read: they tore up his ramp trying to see a scorpion. Nice.) All of this is blurted out through tears of distress and from the depths of a soul that is absolutely distraught at the turn his play date has taken. Drama ensues, Big Brother completely loses it and has to go upstairs to his bedroom to calm down. Here's the conversation that took place after everyone made peace and he was back outside:

Mom, laughing: "Did he say someone stole his thunder?"

(I don't remember who made which statement from here, it just unfolded, so roll with it!)

"Hey Big Bro, what were you doing taking your Thunder outside in the first place?"

"You know that Thunder isn't an everyday toy. It's only supposed to come out on special occasions."

"Yeah, Bud...Thunder doesn't grow on trees ya know."

"It's not easy to replace either! Now we're gonna have to wait for another thunderstorm to get some more. We live in the desert, that doesn't happen that often here."

"Wait til your dad finds out you got your Thunder stolen. You know how hard it is for him to get more. He has to get out in the storm with all the equipment and you know how irritable he gets when he gets struck by the lightning."

Right then My Husband walks in...

Mother: "Who's here?"
Me: "Zeus"

Women start laughing hysterically at our funny little conversation - Man looks at us like we're retarded. I love it when we think we are the funniest people alive. Even if we aren't, we try to be and that makes it almost true. Right?

P.S. - Big Brother went out and tried jumping the ramps after the big meltdown. Maybe someone stealing his thunder wasn't such a bad thing.


Patricia said...

what a picture. Sounds just like home... I´d love to meet your family!

I am Boymom said...

Same here, Alepuz. One of these days we will have to make a trip to Espana and hook up!!

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