Monday, May 26, 2008

Double Post Day!!!!!

Moving on from the last touchy-feely post, there's another BOYMOM out there! And guess what? She ROCKS!! (You can thank her for some of the mushiness of the "You had me at Hello" post. In addition to designing great shirts she also gives great advice.) Check out Amy created some awesome shirt designs for those of us who are raising little men. Read her my opinion she expresses very well what Boymoms all over the world are experiencing on a daily basis. Then buy a shirt. Wear it proudly. We Boymoms gotta support each other! We need to invent a secret sign or handshake...something that says,
"Hey! You look like a gal who's pulled one too many weird things out of the washer today." If I can find someone to donate a prize, maybe that'll be my first contest. I'll let ya'll know. Maybe we can get a boy to work on this...they gots some mad secret handshake skills.


Patricia said...

he visto el blog de boymomdesign, que chulo! casi me da pena tener dos niñas después de leer eso :)
pinchando en un link de esa página he encontrado los bañadores que he posteado en mi blog.
Do you fight the bad guys?:)

I am Boymom said...

I fight the bad guys every freakin' day, Patricia...every freakin' day.

Patricia said...

you freakin' fetcher!

johnsonteammom said...

Can a boymom have daughters too? Sometimes I feel like the boymom of 6 since we are so not girly around here. I love your posts!!!!

Shannon said...

You are too funny, I love your posts!

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