Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Feelin' HOT HOT HOT!

I took a picture of my car radio console which shows the temperature outside for those of you who find it unbelievable that we are already in triple digits here. The fact that I am adding yet another post about the high temperatures should clue you all in to my wretched state of mind when it comes to the summer heat. How did people live here 100 years ago with NO AIR CONDITIONING!!! Some of my ancestors helped establish and build towns here in Arizona. First question - WHY? Second question - How did they live through it? Oh my heck!!! I know one thing: I would have been a rotten pioneer/settler. I would have been the one they kicked out of the wagon train, because I would have complained the whole way. And I can guarantee I would not have made camp long once we got to "our home" in the middle of the desert. One or two days of this heat and the throbbing migraines that follow and I woulda hit the dusty trail and headed for cooler climates. I'm sure I would have had a great sending off from all of my traveling companions who were tired of listening to me yammer! And I'm even more sure that 2 miles into my grandiose escape I would be gripin' about something else, like how hard it was to get through the mountains and how cold it was now. You half-empty girl.

As I write this, I remember that I am trying to have a more positive outlook on life. So I guess as I ponder the hardships of those who came before me, I will also ponder the miracle of air conditioning, automobiles, cotton clothing and swimming pools and thank the Lord that I was born in this era of technology. Cause I would have gone through lots of pencils and paper (and friends) trying to complain everyday by hand. Now I get to do it quickly and comfortably in just a few minutes time - I guess life ain't as bad as it could be. It's just dang hot.


Patricia said...

HAHAHA you crack me up. Still in Arizona huh?

I am Boymom, mom of 2 boys. said...

Yeah - we've been trying to get out for 10 years. Apparently there is a reason for us to saty, we just can't figure out what it is!

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